Thursday, 17 April 2014

Have a Good Break!

Things to Remember:
- All instruments need to go home for the break!
-Grade 7's and Junior Winds Moose Jaw permission forms are due May 5

Congratulations to all Grade 8's on a wonderful trip!  You are a pleasure to travel with.   Congratulations to all Junior Winds and Jazz Band students on an excellent concert on Wednesday night.  A special congratulations to all soloists.

Have a good break!  
We did not see all students this week.  For those we did not see, we look forward to seeing you after the break.  This next part of the school year goes quickly, please make sure you are staying caught up in practice.   We do not have a lot of time before our next concerts.

The first day back after the break will be a DAY 2.   This is full band for Grade 8's, and Massey, McVeety and RCS grade 7's.   It is also sectionals for Massey Grade 6's.   Please make sure your instruments are at school.

We hope that everyone gets to have an opportunity for a little down time with friends and family over the spring break.  

Friday, 11 April 2014

Nearing a Break!

-Grade 8 Band Trip - Grade 8's please meet at 2:00p.m. in the band room on Sunday.
-Jazz Band students reminder that all jazz band students will have jazz band on Tuesday after school.   Jazz rehearsal on Wednesday is cancelled because of the recital.
-All Jazz Band and Junior Winds Students - recital on WEDNESDAY APRIL 16

In Grade 6 Band
This week in Grade 6 band we continued to review our two new pieces, as well as Mr. P.C.   We also have continued working on our Concert Bb scale, Concert Eb Scale, Concert F scale and concert Ab scale.    As well this week grade 6 students were given a piece of "solo" music.   We discussed different places that solo music was played and how it was played.  Some students did not realize their band instrument could also be a solo instrument.   We watched a few examples of professional soloists.  We practiced playing a solo.   We played together, and then many students tried playing a solo on their own.  We are hoping that if the opportunity arises, students will feel comfortable playing a solo.

In Grade 7 Band
This week in Grade 7 band we worked on intonation and tuning.   Students practiced tuning their own instruments.   As we practiced this we noted a few students who needed to make sure they were putting slide grease on slides and cork grease on corks.   Students also tried using a tuner but were asked to always trust their ears.    We have started to hand out trip itineraries.   Students are asked to return these by Monday May 5.   Students continue to work on moving together in slow music and creating phrases.  We listened to Pandora this week.   We still have a lot of work to do with this piece.   Students are asked to take a look at 48 to the end.

In Grade 8 Band

This week we worked more on our new piece, Beatles 1964.  This will be a main focus of our clinic with Nick Fanner in Saskatoon.  We are also trying to keep our other 5 pieces up to snuff.  Phrasing and rhythmic accuracy seem to be concepts that we keep needing to work at.  This requires consistent focus as well as an in depth knowledge of ones own part which only comes from individual practice.  This becomes difficult after a major performance like the Optimist Music Festival but with two months left in band we can't rest on our laurels.

See you all on Sunday at 2 p.m.  Don't forget your instrument, music, and concert dress!  We are looking forward to a rewarding and fun trip.

Friday, 4 April 2014

-Grade 8 Band Students all permission forms need to be in for your trip
-Jazz Band and Junior Winds - Concert April 16

In Grade 6 Band
This week in Grade 6 Band we got another piece of sheet music.  It is called Penguin Promenade.    It was fun to read through and we look forward to working more on it next week.    As well in Grade 6 Band we reviewed the Concert Bb scale, reviewed the Concert Eb scale and began work on the Concert Ab and Concert F scales.   Students found it interesting how everyone has different favourite scales.   This is largely due to the ranges each of these scales are in.   Concert Bb scale is a very common band scale.  It is not a great scale for clarinets or for french horns.   Many of the students are enjoying discovering ranges of their instruments as we do this.   Students also this week learned the third part of Mr. P.C.  Most students are around 3.14 in their books (P.19-20).   We circled the lines to practice.  Many students are now finding the things in their  books are now review.

In Grade 7 Band

This week in Grade 7 band we continued to read some new music.   We also did some experimentations with intonation or tuning.   Students were asked to make their instruments as "out of tune" as possible so that we could experiment with trying to get their instruments back in tune.  In order to work on our tuning we have been using a solfege exercise.   We will continue to work at this.   We have also been working on sustaining chords, watching, listening and balancing.   We have used our piece Sanctus to work on this.   We made it beginning to end of Pandora this week.   We will work at the accidentals and at increasing the tempo.   Students are asked to take a look at Pandora from 34 - 48. 

In Grade 8 Band

This week in Grade 8 Band we returned to our pieces from the beginning of the year, Chesapeake Serenade, Chant and Tribal Dance, and Spania.  We also started reading a new piece, Beatles 1964.  Finalized itineraries went home today for the band trip on April 13-14th.  The most important change is that we will return to Campbell at 4 p.m. on Monday.  We'll need to practice our old pieces for our concert in Saskatoon at Silverwood Heights Elementary School.  Some of our students had the opportunity to work with Nick Fanner, our clinician, when he was in town directing the South Saskatchewan Junior Honour Band.  We're looking forward to a fun and musically rewarding trip.