Monday, 23 March 2015


Congratulations to all band students on a wonderful Optimist performance!   We are proud of your performances both on and off the stage.

This week our band classes are back to normal.  

Monday - Day 3 - All Grade 6's
                           - Grant Road Grade 7's and Grant Road Grade 8 Percussion
                           - no curiosity club

Tuesday Day 4 - Massey Grade 7's and 8's
                        - Grant Road Grade 6's
                        - Jazz Band

Wednesday Day 5 - Perry Gr, 6, 7, and 8 sectionals
                              - RCS Grade 6 sectionals
                              - Grant Road Grade 8 woodwinds and brass
                              -Jazz Band

Thursday Day 1 - Junior Winds
                            - Massey Grade 7 band
                           - Mcveety Grade 6, 7, and 8 sectionals

Fri. Day 2 - No Band for schools that have conferences

Monday, 16 March 2015

Optimist Week

Optimist Week!  

Here is quick run down of the week.   We hope to see you out at the performances.  Students are reminded to wear their band t-shirt, dark pants, shoes and socks.   They are also reminded to have their names on their instrument cases and folders.   

Tuesday March 17 
Grade 7's meet at the Conexus Arts Center at 8:00a.m.,(MUST GET THERE ON THEIR OWN) 
Grade 7's Perform at 9:00a.m., and are bussed back at 10:30a.m.

Wednesday March 18
Grant Road and Perry Grade 6's bussed to the Center of the Arts at 9:05a.m.
Perform at 10:45 a.m., bussed back at 12:15p.m.
*Bring a lunch

Thursday March 19
-Jazz Band meets at Conexus Arts Center at 8:00a.m. (MUST GET THEIR ON THEIR OWN)
Perform at 9:00a.m.   They will meet up with the Grade 8's and return to school with the Grade 8's at 12:45.  Bring a lunch.  
-Grade 8's will be bussed at 9:45a.m.  They perform at 11:15.   They will return to school at 12:45.   They need a lunch.   

Friday March 20
-Massey, McVeety, and RCS Grade 6's need to meet at the Center at 8:45.  (MUST GET THERE ON THEIR OWN)  They perform at 9:45.   They will be bussed back to school at 11:15.   Grade 6's who are in Junior Winds will stay and need to bring a lunch.  
- Junior Winds students will be bussed at 11:15.   They need a lunch.   They perform at 1:30 and will be bussed back at 2:45p.m.    

Thursday, 5 March 2015

- Grade8's are reminded to return permission forms
- All Band students are reminded to return Optimist forms
- Students wishing to purchase an Optimist picture are reminded to return the picture form

Dale Lonis was supposed to join us this past week.   He got snowed in.   He was in New York with a cancelled flight.  Unfortunately, he was not able to make it here to join us.

Students are reminded to practice!   Optimist Festival is very quickly approaching.

Grade 6 Band
This week the Grade 6's did not have full band and Grant Road did not have sectionals.   Those students who we did see worked on the details of our Optimist pieces.     All students are asked to work on their trouble sections.    Students who had their pieces learned well have moved on to O Canada.    This is found on page 47 of our blue book.

Grade 7 Band
We are working at putting the final details into our Optimist pieces.    The Grade 7's will be the first group of the festival.     They perform Tues. March 17 at 9:00 am.    Students will need to meet at the Conexus Arts Center at 8:00a.m.    Dress rehearsal will be Mon. March 16 at 1:30pm at Campbell.  This is a Day 3.

Grade 8 Band
We've begun work on our final pieces for the year, Soul Bossa Nova and Afterburn.  With Optimist fast approaching we will focus on Joy and Country Wildflowers for the next couple of weeks.  Our dress rehearsal will be during our regular band time on Friday, March 13th.   Our performance is on Thursday March 19th at 11:15 a.m..

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Congratulations to all Jazz Band students on  a great performance at February Blues

-Grade 8's are reminded to get their trip forms handed in.  Payments online are now set up, parents are strongly encouraged to pay online.

Grade 6 Band
We are continuing to prepare for our Optimist Band Festival performances.    Grade 6's from Massey, RCS, and McVeety are working on Midnight Sky and Ayre and Dance.    Grade 6's from Grant Road and Perry are working on Highlands March and Two Canadian Folksongs.     Students should now know their personal problem spots and be concentrating on those.

We tend to do different things with each group and at each school.   This week this is what we did.

Massey - We learned a pentatonic scale.   We composed individually using a pentatonic scale and then put our compositions together to hear what it sounded like in harmony.   Students were asked to write 8 measures.   Please ask your child to play his or her composition for you - they sounded really neat!  We also worked on playing in different musical styles.

Perry - We played some of our compositions from the previous week.   We also worked on Concert F scale.   This is because the opening of Two Canadian is in that key signature.

McVeety - We are split into two groups here.   Brass students worked on lip slurs and using air.  Woodwinds worked on their chromatic scale, Concert Bb, Ab, F, and Eb scales and learned O Canada. All students learned a pentatonic scale.

RCS - We worked on different styles and we are working on developing our instrument ranges.  Students also learned a pentatonic scale, and worked on musical styles.  

Grant Road - We worked on using more air, and following key signatures.   We have a few students stuck on a few notes and are working our way through fingering charts and key signatures.  

Grade 7 Band
Our first rehearsal back after the break sounded a little rough!    This week we did a lot of reminding of things we have worked on.    These include our 8 measure phrases, dynamics and articulations.    Students were reminded to make sure instruments go home and get practiced!    Our two Optimist pieces are Song for Friends and Colliding Visions.    Grade 7's were also given another new piece this week called Swahili Folk Hymn.