Friday, 30 September 2016

Good Bye September!

- T-shirt forms are now due.   T-shirt orders will be placed this week.   If you have not already done so, please e-mail us the size of t-shirt your child would like
- Grade 8 Retreat forms are now due.
- Instrument loan forms are now due. 

Congratulations to all Junior Winds students who participated in the Friday night Retreat night.

This Week:

In Grade 6 Band
This week Grade 6's continued to work on the fundamentals of using air, proper posture, and playing position.   We have begun to introduce more music reading.   As well, we began experimenting with the fourth and fifth notes of our concert Bb scale.  

Students were asked to practice:
1.  Page 7 in their blue book (if this is easy, they may move on)
2.  Asked to "experiment" with new notes.  (Fingering charts were found on P. 55. Some students were curious about discovering new notes and so used this to find a few more new notes.)
3.   Find a "fun fact" about their instrument.  (At the front of our book is a very brief history of our instrument.)
4.  If students wanted to they could practice a song for fun.   This week's song was Star Wars.  

In Grade 7 Band
We continued to work on developing our sense of internal pulse.   We also worked on 3/4 time and continued to work on our breathing.   The Grade 7's are making big improvements each week. 

This week Grade 7's were asked to Practice"
1.   From our Orange Book - p.3
2.   Clouds - measure 46 to the end
3.   All of Daybreak  

In Grade 8 Band
We are starting to work on shaping phrases in our pieces.  We have most of the notes and rhythms learned in Canticum and A Quiet Song so now it's time to take it to the next level.  This includes determining breathing points, adding dynamics, balancing to the melody.

Most students have finished testing the circle of fourths for memory.  Everyone did quite good (even if they just memorized it 5 minutes before playing it!).  We also have most of the U of R clinic permission forms in but are still needing some in.  If it's easier to scan it and email it to me that would be fine.

Have a good weekend!

Friday, 23 September 2016


Congratulations to all Campbell Area Grade 6 students and those Grade 7 beginners  on a wonderful head start clinic.   Your time, focus and ability to keep trying was very appreciated.

We had a number of Grade 7 and 8 students who helped at both of our head start weekends.   Your help was extremely appreciated.   Thank you! 

1.   T-shirt forms are now due.   All we really need is your child's t-shirt size.   Payments for the t-shirts are online.  
2.   Instrument rental forms are also now due.  Payments for this may also be made online.
3.   Band transportation fees for McVeety, Grant Road and Perry may be made online.
4.   Grade 8 Retreat permission forms are now due.  

In Grade 6 Band
In Grade 6 Band we have been reinforcing proper posture, focus, and playing position.   We have begun practicing the Breathing Gym in order to help us get more air into our instruments.   We are experimenting with our first three notes and creating our own compositions.  Students were asked to practice:
1.   Pages 5 and 6 in our Blue Book.  (If they master these pages, students were asked to move on.) 
2.   Experiment with our first three notes
3.  See if they can find a you tube video with their instrument in it
4.   Only for fun - practice In the Jungle.  (This was a song we learned only for fun.   If students are not ready to practice it , that is fine.  Note names were written on the board, however it is just for fun. )   

In Grade 7 Band
In Grade 7 Band students have or will be receiving an Orange Measures of Success Book.   This is will be turned in at the end of the school year.    We have begun working on changing the "pulse" and developing a sense of internal pulse.   We have many right notes, but not always at the same time and so we are spending a great deal of time working on our timing.   Students were also given a piece of music that was written in Solfege.   First we learned this by singing, then by playing.   We then figured out that each measure was a broken down chord.   We rearranged each measure to make it our own.   We will continue to experiment with this.   Students were asked to practice:
1.   Daybreak beginning to end
2.   Clouds - beginning to measure 32.  

In Grade 8 Band
This week we worked on our circle of fourths, Canticum, and A Quiet Song.  Students will be tested on the circle of fourths for memory in sectionals next week.  Students should be practicing quite a bit right now getting ready for our clinic with Professor Ghiglione on October 12th .  Permission forms have been sent home but if you didn't get one you can find it on the left side menu marked Grade 8 Band Clinic Permission Form.