How to Get A Band Instrument

                           ACQUIRING AN INSTRUMENT

There are several options to consider when getting an instrument.  As you consider these options please note that the success of your child is directly related to a properly working instrument.  Options include:

  1. Buying new or used from a music store or privately.  (Please avoid buying instruments from stores not specialized in selling instruments.) 
  2. Renting from a music store:
St. Johns’ Music – 757-7272 or
Long and McQuade Music – 569-8501

  1. Renting from the school.   The school division owns tubas, euphoniums (baritones), bass clarinets and french horns.   If your child has been chosen to play one of these instruments, we will have this ready providing this instrument was indicated on the registration form. 
  2. You may have access to an instrument by some other means such as a friend, relative, or newspaper advertisement.  Please make sure the quality of these instruments is checked so that your child will have a successful year.   I would be happy to consult in any way. 

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