Friday, 18 October 2013

Making Practice Routine

Things to Remember this week

  • T-shirt Forms are due Fri. Oct. 25

(if you need a copy of the form you can find it in the sidebar)

  • Instrument Rental Forms are due

In Grade 6 Band This Week

We now as a group know five notes!      With five notes it is amazing how many melodies we can come up with.    Students are encouraged to experiment a little with their five notes and see if they can come up with a melody that they know.    Most of the students spent a little time figuring out the notes for Waving Flag.   Some students have gone ahead in their books and have been experimenting with some familiar melodies.  

Most students were assigned to practice on Page 9, lines 1.24-1.26.   Again, we circled in books what to practice.    Soon we will be finished with this first chapter and will be moving on to the next chapter.   Since this was a short week, we did not see the students for full band.   Next week in full band we will be playing a blues progression.   Students are reminded to keep practice regular and keep their goals in mind.    Students are reminded that we are working on developing embouchures or grip, using lots of air, posture, and focus.   All of these will in the end work towards developing good sound.

In Grade 7 Band This Week

Grade 7's are strongly reminded to keep practice regular.   This week we worked at controlling our air at a soft level.   We are trying to make sure we increase the dynamic range of all the grade 7's and so have begun practicing our long tones at various volumes.   This week we were soft.    It was pretty amazing to hear the huge range of dynamics the Grade 7's are capable of playing at.   Now we are attempting to make this habit.

Grade 7's also this week began working on our chromatic scale.   This is so that they are comfortable with all accidentals.    We began by using our fingering charts to guide us.   This scale is also written out on Page 51 of our Blue book.

Grade 7's will be needing the Orange Measures of Success Book 2.    I have called St. John's and Cobb Swanson have some in stock and will be getting more in stock.   Before you go down to pick one up, please call and make sure it is there.   We do not want you to make a trip down there needlessly.

In Grade 8 Band This Week

After the long weekend we had a jam packed short week with the Grade 8's.  Our clinic with Professor Ghiglione at the U of R went really well.  The band worked very hard and was pushed to sound their best at all times.  The difference in sound was phenomenal.  Our students responded well and were very polite.  They showed what a mature young group they were.

Most of the Grade 8's have completed their first playing test.  These tests help us to hear each student individually and to help them with their individual problems.  Students who are finished should now begin to look at our two other pieces, Amen and African Marching Song.  Another playing test will be assigned this coming week.

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