Friday, 28 February 2014

Welcome Back!

-Optimist Information is being distributed, if you would like to order a picture, please fill in the attached picture form and return to us by March 17.
-Grade 8's - please return your trip permission forms

Congratulations to all jazz band students on a wonderful concert on Thursday night!    We look forward to rehearsals this week and your next performance.

Grade 6 Band
The grade 6's have had some excellent rehearsals.   We are very proud of their use of rehearsal skills, and their improvement.   We are focusing on our sheet music right now.   We talked through with Grade 6's what a festival is.   We explained it as a place to celebrate their many accomplishments.   We also explained it as a place to share their music.  We explained that at a festival there are other band teachers from across Canada and the United States who listen to us perform and their job is to listen to us and find something to teach us.   This is called the clinic and occurs immediately after our performance.

Students this week were figuring out the notes to Happy Birthday and most students began to learn a new scale.   This scale is Concert Eb.  It is tricky for brass players because it goes quite high.   Students are asked to concentrate on their sheet music.   Festival is quickly approaching.   Specifically measures 11-27 of Gentle Winds and 27-51 in Courtly Dance and Procession.

Grade 7 Band 
Grade 7's are into the final preparations for the festival.   They have been rehearsing extremely well in full rehearsals.     We are looking forward to performing one of our pieces with the composer present.  We have been working a lot on details now.   The grade 7's have marked in many details including note endings, and dynamic changes.   We have worked very hard at consistency in articulations.     We still have a few problem spots.   Students are asked to practice measures 1-20 in Cathedral and measures 57-end of Prelude.   There are some really nice sounds happening, and we want to make sure practicing is kept up especially since this coming up week is a short one.

Grade 8 Band

It's the final two weeks before Optimist so it's all about polishing what we've learned thus far.  African Marching Song is sounding great.  Being as precise with the rhythms as possible is what will make the difference.  Amen is improving every time we play it.  Students must keep practicing these songs so that when the nerves set in on the stage at the Conexus, we have that muscle memory to make sure that we still are successful.  Next week is short so please take your instruments home these next few weekends.

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