Friday, 12 September 2014

Back into the Routine!

Back into the Routine!

This week was all about getting back into the band routine.  The band room was redone over the summer and so many of the students were interested in seeing what the band room looked like and what it sounded like.    We had a couple of bus glitches that I believe are now worked out.   We have seen everyone at least once.   It is so nice to see the Grade 7's and 8's again, and so nice to get to know the Grade 6's.    

In Grade 6 Band .....

This week in Grade 6 Band we established the routine of coming into the band room and the expectations while in it.   Our main goal this week was to reinforce what was done on the weekend clinics and reinforce that playing an instrument is fun.   To do this we concentrated on the first three notes students learned, we watched for proper posture, embouchures, and use of air.   For percussionists this is proper posture, grip and use of air.    As their assignment students were asked to name their instrument, find a favourite note, and a favourite  sound effect (that is safe for them and their instrument).    We asked students to practice a few lines from Page 5 and demonstrate their favourite line in sectionals next week.   

In Grade 7 Band.....   

This week in Grade 7 Band we are getting back into the routine.   Many students were concerned because they "forgot some notes."   We started with a chromatic scale that used their fingering charts.   This was so that they could look at the note, note name and fingering.   We are hoping this will refresh memories!   Students are reminded to get some practicing in.   Students who we saw in sectionals this week were asked to practice the first three lines on Page 3 (from the Orange book) as well as their chromatic scale using their fingering chart.  

In Grade 8 Band......

The Grade 8's this week are also getting back into a routine.   Students began with some new music - Joy and Shadows Unleashed.   They are also working on the Circle of 4rths.    We will continue to work at this next week.   

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