Friday, 7 November 2014

Keeping the snow at bay!

-We still have some students who have not given us their t-shirt orders.  Please return those this week
-Concerts are quickly approaching.   Students are reminded to take instruments home and to practice

December Concerts
Dec. 2 - Grade 6 and Junior Winds - 7:00p.m. at Campbell
Dec. 3 - Grade 7 and Grade 8 - 7:00p.m. at Campbell

Congratulations to all Junior Winds Students and all Jazz Band students on a really nice concert on Thursday night.   Thank you to all who came to listen and for the very tasty treats!

In Grade 6 Band
This week in Grade 6 band we started our first sheet music.    This was quite exciting and for some a little stressful.   Students soon realized that sheet music is the similar to putting two or three lines in our book together.   The hard part is not everyone has the same thing at the same time.    In full band we experimented with Our First Concert Parade a little bit.   This piece is a combination of several different folk songs.   The newest concept for us in this piece was the long rest.   Some students are still a little confused with this and we will work at it some more next week.    Students were given the sheet music to Beethoven's Ninth and to Let's Go Band.

Grade 6's also learned three new notes this week.   Two of these are found on Page 11 of our book.  The third is for Let's Go Band.   For most students this involves a sharp note (#).   We described this kind of note as being a little higher than our 4rth note, and a little lower than our 5th note.  We described the "in between" notes as being the sharps and the flats.    We circled in books practice assignments.   For most students this included a couple of lines on Page 12.

In Grade 7 Band
There are many really nice things happening in Grade 7 Band, and students are continuing to keep working at details.   We have warned Grade 7's that we will be checking music to make sure they are writing in the details they are supposed to remember.   Some of these details include breath marks, and dynamic changes as well as writing in the name of the instruments that have melody in particular sections.   This is meant to make sure they know who they are to listen to.

Grade 7's are also reviewing rhythms and rhythm readings.   We are asking students to make sure they are counting and subdividing their music.   We used the rhythms on Page 52 to practice this.   Grade 7's also received the music for Frosty the Snowman this week.    We will be performing this on Dec. 2 and so they are asked to take a look at this.    They were also asked to practice In the Court of the King paying particular attention to their articulations.  

In Grade 8 Band

This week in grade 8 band, we worked on Country Wildflowers and the middle section of Joy.  We are now able to read through all four pieces that we play and are in the midst of getting ready for our Winter concert on Wednesday, December 3rd.  Students should continue to work on Country Wildflowers and Joy for next week.  There is no full band next week.  Our next full band is on Monday, November 17 and Tuesday, November 18.

Wed.  Day 3 - Nov. 12
9:30 - Grant Road and Perry Grade 6 
10:35 - Massey, McVeety, RCS Grade 6
1:15 - Grant Road Grade 8 Percussion
1:30 - Grant Road Grade 7 Mr. Benjamin and Ms. Sklar
2:30- Grant Road Grade 7 Mr. Sweeney
3:45 - Jazz Band

Thurs. Day 4 Nov. 13 
7:30 - 8:30 - Jr. Winds
9:00 Grade 7 saxophones and trumpet, Grade 8 percussion, alto, tenor saxophones and french horns
10:30- Grade 7 clarinets and flute, Grade 8 bari sax, bass clarinets, tuba. euphoniums, trombone, trumpets

10:45 - Grade 7 percussion, tuba, euphonium, horn, trombone, Grade 8 flutes and clarinets
12:45 - Grant Road Grade 6 french horns and trumpets
1:30- Grant Road Grade 6 low brass
2:30 - Grant Road Grade 6 woodwinds

Fri. Nov. 14 -  Day 5 - 
9:00 - Perry Grade 7's and 8
9:45 - Perry 8's
10:00 - RCS Grade 6's
10:45 - RCS 7's
10:45 - Grant Road Grade 8's
12:45 -  Perry 6  brass and percussion 
1:30 -  Perry 6 flutes and saxophones 
2:30 - Perry Grade 6 clarinets

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