Friday, 15 April 2016

Grade 8 Trip Week!

This Coming Week

Sunday April 17 - Grade 8's leave for their band trip.   Students are to meet at 2:00p.m in the band room at Campbell.
Monday April 18 - Day 5 - no McVeety sectionals, and no Perry Grade 7 sectionals
                            * No Grade 6 jazz band
Tuesday April 19 - Day 1 - Grade 7 Massey, McVeety, RCS Grade 7 Band and Perry Grade 6 sectional
               - Grade 7/8 jazz band
Wednesday April 20  - Day 2 - Grade 7 Grant Road and Perry, all Grade 8's and Massey Grade 6's
                     - Grade 6 Junior Winds
                     - Grade 7/8 Jazz Band
Thursday April 21 - Day 3 - Grade 6 Band
                            * No Junior Winds
                            * No Grade 7 Grant Road Sectionals
Friday April 22 - no school
Monday April 25 - Day 4 - Massey Grade 7 and 8 sectionals, Grant Road Grade 6 sectionals

Please Note:
May 2 - Grade 7/8 Junior Winds Band Room Concert
May 24 - Grade 6 Concert Band, Grade 6 Junior Winds and Grade 6 Jazz Band
May 27 - School Tours - Grade 6's
May 27 - Swing into Spring
May 30 - Grade 7 and Grade 8 Concert, Grade 7/8 Junior Winds, and Grade 7/8 Jazz Band
June 2 - Junior Winds with High School Wind Ensemble concert

In Grade 6 Band 
This week we worked at matching articulations.   We described articulations as what sets notes apart to create a story.   We specifically worked on our staccato and our accents.   We find both of these articulations in Star Wars.   After we worked on these articulations, we then put them into our piece.   As well Grade 6's continued to work at not only speaking in rhythm in a round, but also playing in a round.   We are preparing to try a drumming piece in which everyone uses drumsticks.

In Grade 7 Band 
We worked on the main theme to the Muppets.   Students are now asked to practice the middle section.   In music, we described this as the "B" section.     Students have been reading Londonderry Air very well.   We are now working on smoothing our articulations.    In Pandora, several students are still stuck on the section at 34.   They were reminded they needed to practice.

In Grade 8 Band 
We are looking forward to a great band trip this weekend! Please make sure you have all your music, your instrument and your band uniform.   You will need to meet at Campbell in the band room at 2:00p.m. on Sunday.

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