Thursday, 24 November 2016

Short Week

- Junior Winds and Jazz Band Room Concert Wed. Nov. 23
- Grade 7 and 8 Concert - Mon. Dec. 5 - 7:00p.m.
- Grade 6 Concert - Dec. 6 - 7:00p.m.

This Week In Grade 6 Band
With this week being a short week we did not see all the Grade 6's.   For those that we did see, we learned a new note   (Concert E)  and began working on Let's Go Band.   Students continued to compose duets.   We asked students to think about "major" and "minor" sounds and added the word "cluster" to their musical vocabulary.   We continued to work on our Concert Bb scale and did this at various speeds.    Grade 6's are reminded that the first day back after the long weekend is a Day 3 and so they should have their instruments at school.
Grade 6 's were asked to Practice:
1.  2.11
2.  Beethoven's Ninth
3.  Let's Go Band - for those who started it. 

This Week In Grade 7 Band
We have begun preparation for our Dec. 5 concert.   We worked on Argosy from 15-51.   After doing this section we discovered we will basically know the entire piece.    Students were asked to practice 51-end.     We also were given the music to Frosty the Snowman.    We read it through and were reminded of first and second endings.    Starry Night is our third piece we will be performing.   In this piece there are many accidentals and so we worked on this immediately after working on our chromatic scale.   Many of the grade 7's are stretching their ranges by not just playing the chromatic scale in one octave, but by playing the entire fingering chart.   
Grade 7's were asked to Practice:
1.   Argosy 51-end
2.  Starry Night - all
3.   Chromatic Scale (using the fingering chart)  

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