Friday, 10 October 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Grade 8 band students are reminded to hand in your permission forms
-Tuesday is going to be a DAY 4

Congratulations to all Junior Winds students on a great retreat day!

In Grade 6 Band 

This week in Grade 6 Band we reviewed our first five notes and made sure everyone was comfortable with tonguing.   In order to do this we worked on our air and made sure that everyone could still feel the air move while they were articulating rhythms as if they were playing an instrument.    This is tricky.   We spent a good portion of time checking everyone and will continue to do so until tonguing becomes habit.  

We also learned the 12 bar Blues this week in Grade 6 Band.  Many of the Grade 6's were surprised to know that they knew enough notes to play the blues.   We will do some more experimenting with it next week.    Grade 6's learned by ear and by scale degree the Jazz Standard "C Jam Blues."   We will listen to a recording next week.  They were pretty impressed that they could play an entire song in harmony already.

We once again circled in the Grade 6's books a practice assignment.   For most this included the bottom of Page 8.

In Grade 7 Band 

This week in Grade 7 band we tried to practice "active" listening.   We experimented with knowing when the tubas stopped playing but also when we stopped students were asked specifically who they were listening to.   We are attempting to get Grade 7's to trust and use their own ears musically instead of relying on others.

We worked on Largo this week.   Students were asked to practice measures 1-30.    As we worked on this piece we talked about how old it is.   This piece is part of the New World Symphony originally written by Dvorak in 1893.    We discussed if there are any popular pieces now that they thought would  popular a hundred years from now.    They were having difficulties coming up with something.   We also worked on Page Number 4 the last two lines.    Grade 7's if they have not already done so will be playing their chromatic scale for us.

In Grade 8 Band

This week we have worked on our three pieces, Joy, Shadows Unleashed, and Furioso.  Students have been tested on their circle of fourths for memory.  Some students still have to play this for me but most are finished.  We are currently getting ready for our clinic with Brent Ghiglione at the U of R on Fricay, October 24.  Please get those permission forms in ASAP.

This Week...

Tues. Day 4 -Oct. 14
9:00 Grade 8 trumpets, low brass, bass clarinets, and bari-sax, Grade 7 low brass and horns
9:45- Grade 7 Percussion, clarinets, flute, Grade 8 low brass and low woodwinds
10:45 - Grade 8 percussion, horns, altos, and tenor, Grade 7 saxophones and trumpet
12:45-Grant Road Grade 6 low brass
1:30 - Grant Road woodwinds
2:30 - Grant Road Grade 6 french horns and trumpets
3:45- Jazz Band

Wednesday Day 5 - Oct. 15

9:00 - Perry Grade 7's and 8
9:45 - Perry 8's
10:00 - RCS Grade 6's
10:45 - RCS 7's
10:45 - Grant Road Grade 8's
12:45 - Perry 6 clarinets
1:30Perry Grade 6 trumpets and euphoniums and percussion
2:30 - Perry 6 flutes and saxophones
3:45 -Jazz Band 

Thurs. Day 1 - Oct. 16
7:30 - Junior Winds
9:30 - Massey 7's
10:35 - Massey 8's
12:45 - McVeety Grade 8's
1:30 - McVeety Grade 7's
2:30 - McVeety Grade 6's

Fri.. Day 2 - Oct. 17
9:30 - Perry, Grant Road, McVeety Grade 8's
10:35 - Perry, Grant Road, McVeety, RCs Grade 7's
12:45 - Massey Grade 6 saxophones and trumpets
1:30 - Massey Grade 6 flutes, french horns and low brass
2:30 - Massey Grade 6 clarinets and percussion 

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