Friday, 17 October 2014

Short Week

-Grade 8's need to return their Band Clinic permission forms to Mr. Wilkinson
-This is the final call for all t-shirt designs

In Grade 6 Band 
With the short week this week we only got to see the Grade 6's once this week.  During our sectionals we reviewed the 12 bar blues, and C Jam Blues.  We also made sure all students not only could play their first five notes, but would know their first five notes on sight as well.   Most students were asked to practice the first three lines on Page 9.   Students who have gone ahead are asked to continue going ahead in their book.   This coming up week students will be using their first five notes to write their own composition.   Our main purpose is so that students become more familiar with their notes and how they look on the musical staff.    Next week students can also expect an introduction to the breathing gym.

In Grade 7 Band
Students are now working on memorizing their chromatic scale.     Once we have it memorized we will work on playing it not only up, but down as well.   We are continuing to work on balance and blending.  We have been listening quite closely to the tuba sound.   Now we are beginning to make ourselves always listen for melody as well.  

We have started working on In the Court of the King.   In this piece we will be focusing on articulations.  Students were asked to practice measures 30-end of Largo, and take a look at the notes and rhythms for In the Court of the King.

In Grade 8 Band 

We are still missing forms for our clinic next Friday.  We need these in ASAP.  The form is available on the blog and can be scanned and emailed to me at

We are having a playing test on measures 55 to the end of Joy next week.  This does not need to be for memory but should have not only the right notes and rhythms but also the correct articulations and dynamics.  We also started a new piece called Country Wildflowers.  This piece is lyrical and needs lots of breath.

Speaking of breath, we started using the Breathing Gym system in full band.  We will be continuing this throughout the year.  We will include youtube clips shortly.

Mon. Day 3 - Oct. 20
9:30 - Grant Road and Perry Grade 6 
10:35 - Massey, McVeety, RCS Grade 6
1:15 - Grant Road Grade 8 Percussion
1:30 - Grant Road Grade 7 Mr. Benjamin and Ms. Sklar
2:30- Grant Road Grade 7 Mr. Sweeney
3:45 - CuriosityClub

Tues. Day 4 -Oct. 21
9:00 - Grade 7 saxophones and trumpet, Grade 8 percussion, alto, tenor saxophones and french horns
9:45- Grade 7 clarinets and flute, Grade 8 bari sax, bass clarinets, tuba. euphoniums, trombone, trumpets
10:45 - Grade 7 percussion, tuba, euphonium, horn, trombone, Grade 8 flutes and clarinets
12:45-Grant Road Grade 6 french horns and trumpets
1:30 - Grant Road Grade 6 low brass
2:30 - Grant Road Grade 6 woodwinds
3:45- Jazz Band

Wednesday Day 5 - Oct. 22
9:00 - Perry Grade 7's and 8
9:45 - Perry 8's
10:00 - RCS Grade 6's
10:45 - RCS 7's
10:45 - Grant Road Grade 8's
12:45 - Perry 6  brass and percussion 
1:30     - Perry 6 flutes and saxophones
2:30 - Perry 6 clarinets 
3:45 -Jazz Band 

Thurs. Day 1 - Oct. 23
7:30 - Junior Winds
9:30 - Massey 7's
10:35 - Massey 8's
12:45 - McVeety Grade 8's
1:30 - McVeety Grade 7's
2:30 - McVeety Grade 6's

Fri.. Day 2 - Oct.24
9:15 - Bus Begins Pickups for Grade 8 Band Clinic
9:30-11:15 - Grade 8 Band Clinic at University - Room 175 - Riddel Center
-*No Perry, Grant Road, McVeety, RCS Grade 7's
12:45 - Massey Grade 6 saxophones and trumpets
1:30 - Massey Grade 6 flutes, french horns and low brass
2:30 - Massey Grade 6 clarinets and percussion 

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