Friday, 16 October 2015

Short Week

- T-shirt Forms are now due.   We will be sending in orders in by the end of the month.   If you have not already given us a t-shirt size, please hand it in.  We will have sample sizes with us next week for students who are not sure of their t-shirt size.
-T-shirt payments may be made online.

-Congratulations to all Grade 7 and 8 Brass students on the first annual Brass Day.   About 500 Grade 7 and 8 brass students were treated to clinics and an amazing concert.   Congratulations to all.

This Week in Grade 6 Band 
(Massey, McVeety, RCS, Grant Road and Perry)
Grade 6 students added two more notes to their repertoire.  With our five notes students practiced sustaining pitches, and worked on their tonguing.   Over the next week we will be checking all Grade 6's first five notes and tonguing.   Students as well continued to work on ear training.   The learned to differentiate the intervals of a major second, major third, perfect fourth and perfect fifth.   Students wrote in their composition books using their first five notes and some went on to write a composition to also include a new note.   Grade 6's are encouraged to play several notes in one breath.   For flutes at this point this is difficult, but it will get easier.  During our sectionals and full band students played in harmony.    This is hard at first because students are not all doing the same thing at the same time.    Most students were asked to practice lines 1.21, 1.22, and 1.23.  If students have mastered these already, they should be moving on to the next page.    Students are also encouraged to continue writing compositions in their composition books.

This Week in Grade 7 Band
This was a bit of a funny week with the Grade 7's.   We only saw the Massey, McVeety students for full band and only saw the Perry, McVeety Grant Road and RCS students for sectionals.   During these times we worked on the Concert Eb scale, we worked a little bit on Page 5 of the Orange book, and we continued to work on our band music.    We are working at balance and playing soft as well as loud and we are working at matching our articulations.    Massey, McVeety, and RCS students were asked to practice 56 to the end of Riders and the beginning to 15 of Praises.   Grant Road and Perry students were asked to practice the middle section of Night (measures23-53.)

This Week in Grade 8 Band
This week we didn't have full band but most students did have sectionals.  We have gone through Rippling Watercolors and As Winds Dance from beginning to end.  We need to be ready for these for our clinic on October 28th.  Soon we will be adding Spania to our repertoire.  If you haven't handed in your clinic permission form yet, please bring it in to full band on Monday.

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