Friday, 9 October 2015

T-Shirts, Brass Days, and Clinic forms

-Please return Brass Day permission forms
-Please return Instrument Rental Forms
-Please Return T-shirt Forms

Events This Week
BRASS DAY - WED. OCT.14 - for all Grade 7 and 8 Brass Students
-Students will be bused to the University of Regina.   Please make sure permission forms are handed in.  

This Week In Grade 6 Band 
(Grant Road, Perry, Massey, McVeety, and RCS)
With this being a short week we did not have full band.   We spent this week in sectionals reviewing our first four notes and spending a great deal of time working on our breathing.   Students were challenged to see how many notes they could play in one breath.   Many students were trying to breath after each note, and so we learned that it sounds much better when we play more than one note in a breath.   

We  also continued to work in our composition book.   Students practiced writing their first four notes as whole notes, half notes, and quarter notes.   Students then began composing their own composition.   Some students began experimenting with some new notes as they wrote their composition.   We encourage students to experiment with their own compositions.   Most students were asked to practice lines 1.18, 1.20, and 1.21.   Some students had these lines mastered already and so were asked to move on to the next set of lines.  

This Week in Grade 7 Band
(Grant Road, Perry, Massey, McVeety, and RCS) 
This week in Grade 7 Band we went beginning to end in three pieces!   We still have lots of work to do, but this is a huge accomplishment.   During our classes we have been working a lot on using warm air.   We have experimented with the difference in warm and cold area, and have experimented with listening to different instruments as we work on our balance.   Grade 7's were also tested on their chromatic scale.  Massey, McVeety, and RCS Grade 7's were asked to practice Riders to Stonehenge.   Grant Road and Perry Grade 7's were asked to practice m. 1-33 and 53 -end of Night.    

This Week in Grade 8 Band 
(Grant Road, Perry, Massey, McVeety) 

We're preparing for our clinic on October 28th with Mr. Brent Ghiglione at the U of R.  Students should have brought home their permission form already but if they have not done so please bring them in ASAP.  A copy of the permission form can be found here on the left hand column.  Students will be bussed from their home school at 9:15 and will return to their school by lunch.  

We continue to rehearse the Balmages piece, Rippling Watercolors.  There are some really nice sounds starting to emerge.  Students should be learning their part from beginning to end now.  We've begun working on As Winds Dance this past week.  Students will be playing up to measure 35 for their next playing test.  We also have started working at Spania.  All these pieces should be practiced from beginning to end.  Feel free to practice along with recordings of the pieces.  Recordings can be found at:

This Week at Hawrylak, Jack MacKenzie, Wilfred Hunt, and Wilfrid Walker 
Students are continuing to improve weekly!   Thank you for all your work!

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